The Engineering Department works closely with sales to provide conceptual plans and layouts, that clearly show our client's options for meeting their refrigeration and HVAC needs.  Our experience, knowledge and technology help us to quickly give you a budgeted solution for the Design/Build process.  Once we have that solution, we can take it from CONCEPT TO PERMIT TO CONSTRUCTION, by providing professionally designed drawings.  We also work closely with the service and construction personnel to ensure our designs can be easily maintained, are safe and reliable.

Brad Nye Photo

Brad Nye

Professional Engineer

TBPE Firm# F-22523

Brad Nye is our engineering department manager, with over 19 years of experience in refrigeration design.  He started in the ammonia distribution industry, with Facility Design Group in Georgia.  He was under the direction of current IIAR technical director, Eric Smith, for 5 years, then in Texas, working under the direction of W.L. Edmonds Jr. at Service Refrigeration Company and RWC, for another 14 years.  Brad has his Professional Engineer's license in Mechanical Engineering and is a LEED Applied Professional.